mn mediation training

At EMI, we offer a comprehensive series of half-day and full-day mediation training modules designed for trained and/or practicing mediators looking to improve their professional skills and abilities.

continuing education for mediators

Although there is currently no certification for mediators, there is a continuing effort among professional mediators to establish a process of certification to help ensure mediator competency. The purpose of the Advanced Trainings is to provide mediators with continuing education opportunities that focus on the recognized skills and knowledge requisite for becoming a certified/licensed professional mediator.  The Modules may be taken in any order.

Each advanced training module will focus on one or more of the skill sets or areas of knowledge important in the practice of mediation.

  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation Theory

  • Ethical Practice

  • Effects of Separation and Divorce on Family

  • Practice Skills and Tools

  • Advanced Property and Financials

  • Support Plans

  • Parenting Plans

  • Communication Skills

  • Relationship Skills

  • Content Management Skills

  • Process Skills

  • Distribution of Retirement Assets and Taxes

  • Drafting Skills

Materials: Included in the cost of each training module is a set of comprehensive training materials. For most seminars, the materials will be available for purchase by those who are unable to attend.

Cost: The cost of each seminar will vary based upon the length of the seminar and the number of continuing education credits obtained.

Location: Unless otherwise indicated, the advanced training seminars will be held at our Bloomington, Minnesota location in the conference center.

Prerequisite:  Any 40 hour divorce and/or family mediation training.