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minneapolis free divorce consultation

Divorce Info Sessions

Held at Erickson Mediation on TUESDAYS AT 10 AM & 6PM|SATURDAYS AT 10 AM


Our free Divorce Info Sessions are designed to help you learn more about the process of divorce and divorce mediation. Whether you are just thinking about divorce, have already started the divorce process or just want more information about divorce in Minnesota, you'll find answers to questions like:

  • How does divorce work in Minnesota?

  • How much does divorce cost?

  • Do we both need attorneys?

  • What is Mediation?

  • What about the kids?

  • Who gets what?

  • Who decides what?

  • What if our house is under water?

  • How do I keep this from getting ugly?

Confidential | Informal | Casual

free one hour session. no registration. no commitment.

Held at Erickson Mediation (3600 American Blvd. West, Suite 105 in Bloomington, MN 55431) TUESDAYS AT 10AM & 6PM|SATURDAYS at 10AM


Special Instructions for Divorce Info Sessions on Saturdays

If you plan to attend a Divorce Info Session on Saturday, please note that most doors to our office building will be locked. Please enter the building on the north side as indicated by the map provided.

Divorce Info Sessions FAQs

Is it really free?

All Divorce Info Sessions are FREE of charge and there is NO COMMITMENT to communicate or work with Erickson Mediation after you attend.

Do I need to register to attend Divorce Info Sessions?

NO. There is no advance notice required to attend. It's a drop-in format.

I don't want my spouse or anyone else to know I have attended or wanted information about divorce. Will Erickson Mediation Institute contact me in any way after I attend?

NO. Attendance is completely anonymous and confidential. Erickson Mediation Institute and staff will not ask for or collect any names or contact information for those who attend. You WILL NOT receive anything in the mail, email, or receive any communications (phone or other) from Erickson Mediation Institute.

What if I have more questions after attending a Divorce Info Session?

You are welcome to contact Erickson Mediation Institute at any time to ask questions or if you wish to receive additional information.

Where are the sessions located?

On Tuesdays (10am & 6pm) & Saturdays (10am), Divorce Info Sessions are conducted at our headquarters: Erickson Mediation Institute 3600 American Blvd West, Suite 105 Bloomington, MN 55431 (952) 835-3688

Do you have additional questions? 

Simply call us and we'll be happy to help!