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minneapolis family mediation services

Guiding your family to a peaceful solution

Family disputes frequently involve issues related to finances, children and/or property and in many cases are associated with divorcepost-divorceparentingcustodyelder & adult family, or LGBT & Domestic Partnership conflicts. Here at Erickson Mediation, we assist with family mediation services to resolve family conflicts by working with all interested parties to come to a peaceful agreement while resolving the issues  Our professional family mediators act as a guide and help you resolve any issues you are facing. 


What is Family Mediation? 

Family mediation is a dispute resolution process that allows families to settle disputes including divorce, custody, and elder care outside of court guided by a trained mediator.  With the help of a family mediator, you will: 

  • Make your own decisions
  • Resolve family disputes creatively
  • Reformulate family roles and responsiblities
  • Reduce economic and emotional costs of your family dispute 


What do mediators do? 

Your family mediator will: 

  • Assist in communication
  • Encourage understanding
  • Focus on your individual and common interests
  • Work with you to explore options, make decisions and reach your own agreements.

Our mediators do NOT make decisions, provide therapy, provide legal representation or perform legal services.


Family Mediation Services


Divorce Mediation

We do divorce differently! Our certified and trained mediators will work with you and your spouse to help you find a peaceful resolution to your divorce. Together, we'll identify what matters most and help you find a future that works for everyone in your family.


Post-Divorce Mediation

Many divorce decrees do not cover all the eventualities that occur in life among divorced parents or something may have happened that could not be anticipated. Frequently these changes create issues around schedules, communication and finances.


Elder & Adult Family Mediation

Aging and living with a disability can cause significant changes in an individual’s needs and the roles of family members. The inevitable effects of aging combined with past family dynamics can be stressful for families and can impact their ability to make the decisions necessary to accommodate changes and transitions.


LGBT Domestic Partnership Mediation

When a relationship or domestic partnership ends, important decisions must be made around such issues as property, finances, and parenting, in order to allow you and your partner to move forward separately. Because the law affords little or no protection for LGBT families, mediation can be a valuable resource for LGBT couples and provide a process where you are in control of decisions which are made.


Parenting & Custody Mediation

Mediators at Erickson Mediation Institute help parents make important decisions about how to continue raising their children. These decisions make up the Parenting Plan and include decisions about whether both parents should have the right to be consulted, advised and involved in major decisions concerning the child’s health, welfare, religion, and education or whether it should be the responsibility of one parent to make these decisions (Legal Custody). It also includes decisions about who will provide for the day to day care and residence of the child (Physical Custody).