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conflict resolution in the workplace

Civil Mediation

Workplaces | congregations | NON-PROFIT Organizations | Property & contracts

Our civil mediation services focus on helping individuals, businesses, and organizations resolve disputes and come to successful agreements without a costly court process.  We mediate conflicts for workplaces, congregations, businesses, non-profit boards, farm finance and property disputes. If you are looking for an alternative to resolving your dispute in court while saving time and costs, then we're here to mediate.


Civil Mediation Services


Workplace Mediation

Before investigation and legal costs skyrocket, we'll invite all parties in the dispute to the mediation table in a confidential setting. In the safety of our office or yours, a resolution can be achieved for a fraction of the cost of a litigated settlement. We partner with human resources departments to develop systems and conduct training on conflict management in the workplace, as well as, teaching employers on ways to create a cooperative workplace environment. We mediate the following kinds of disputes:

•Wage disputes

•Sexual harassment claims

•Conflict management

•Other high conflict workplace disputes


Congregational Mediation

Disputes in churches and synagogues often involve controversy over leadership roles, problem behaviors of leaders or congregants, or interactions between leadership and lay people, between boards and committees, or whether or not a new task should or should not be undertaken (such as a new building project). These controversies are often laden with intense emotions and can result in deep rifts within your faith community. Our congregational mediation services not only help with settlement of your dispute, but also a reconciliation of the torn relationships as we help your faith community move forward.


Business & Non-Profit Organization Disputes Mediation

Conflicts between partners in a business or between separate business entities are often complex, and in many cases volatile. Mediating these types of conflicts can be a win for both business owners and board members as we resolve disputes and keep costs down. These costs are not just financial, but can also involve loss of credibility or destruction of the relationship between businesses and their customers. as well as, partners or owners who lose sight of a joint goal through bickering and conflict. Our business mediation services can help you and your business partner or colleague establish a plan for moving forward that preserves credibility and future business relations.

Non-profit boards dedicate themselves to doing good for others. However, board members sometimes have disputes in the course of making decisions as well as managing staff. We have successfully mediated conflicts among board members, staff, and volunteers in numerous non-profits, having conducted the first such mediation over 30 years ago in 1987.


Farm Finance Mediation

Economically distressed farmers and their lenders involved in potential foreclosure proceedings have, since 1985 been required by federal and state legislation to mediate. EMI was the creator of that legislation and is credited with conducting the first farm mediation that occurred in the US in January 1985. Farmers like you have been able to save their farms and lenders are more likely to get full return on their loans due to cooperation between the farmers and the banks. If you are distressed and facing a potential foreclosure, we can help with mediation.


Property & Contract Mediation

We offer mediation services for boundary and land disputes, easement disputes, contract disputes. medical & dental malpractice disputes, general contracting disputes, and homeowner/builder disputes. We have helped our clients successfully navigate these disputes and settle everything out of court. If you are facing a property or contract dispute, the team at Erickson Mediation is ready to help you resolve your dispute and move forward.

You did a wonderful job on my mediation and you will hold a special place in my heart. You and your team worked very hard on our case. As I get on with my life it will have been made better because of you. I just can’t thank you enough. I want you to know that you have a special gift and are very talented..
— Doris

Getting Started with Civil Mediation

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