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minneapolis elder family mediation

Elder & Adult Family Mediation

Aging and living with a disability can cause significant changes in an individual’s needs and the roles of family members. The inevitable affects of aging or disability combined with past family dynamics can be stressful for families and can impact their ability to make the decisions necessary to accommodate changes and transitions. If your family is wrestling with these important decisions, we can help. 


Common Adult Family Mediation Issues


common elder care issues

  • Driving and Transportation

  • Finances and Bill Paying

  • Caregiver Burnout

  • Family member roles and responsibilities

  • Residence Options

  • Guardianships

  • Personal Property Distribution

  • Medical Decisions

  • End of Life decision making


common adult family issues: 

  • Family member roles and responsibilities

  • Family communication

  • Family financial disputes

  • Inheritance, estate, and trust matters

  • Family or Jointly-owned assets, including real estate

  • Family business ownership, including management and succession

  • Long standing family feuds

Decision making between family members can become difficult when  accompanied by unique complexities of family dynamics.  Dynamics such as past sibling rivalries, jealously, sense of parent favoritism, grudges, differences in geographic location, and differences in family structures can be obstacles to making important decisions.  Our Elder and Adult Family Mediation services can provide families with a structured process for resolving age or disability related conflicts. Our process allows you to make important decisions without putting your elder or disabled family member on the spot or asking them to take sides between one sibling or another. By promoting understanding and addressing the underlying family conflicts, mediation allows families to resolve disputes and make decisions while preserving family relationships.

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