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Solveig Erickson, MSW, Mediator & Trainer

PASCAL is an IMI-Certified Mediator, a MFN Registered Mediator in Holland, on the rule 114 roster in Minnesota, and a Certified Hostage Negotiator. He followed mediation trainings in the USA and Holland, completed an internship at Erickson Mediation, and received the hostage negotiation training from Mark Lowther and Hugh McGowan at PATC, USA. Mr. Comvalius also completed the level I-IV training in “Kinesic Interviewing and Interrogation” in the USA under the guidance of Stan Walters. He obtained a MSC in “Communication, Behavior and Credibility Analysis” at the Manchester Metropolitan University UK under the supervision of Dawn Archer. Pascal practices and teaches mediation and negotiation in the USA, Europe and Asia. He’s specialized in family/divorce and criminal law mediation. Sharing his knowledge and skills with colleagues is important to him. He is the former vice-president and board member of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM) and is an IMI QAP representative and co-chair of the IMI appraisal committee.