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Post-Divorce Mediation

At Erickson Mediation, we see already divorced couples who need to work through a new or existing issue and want to do so without the cost and contention involved with seeking a judgment from the court.


mn post-divorce mediation

What happens when circumstances change that affect your divorce agreement?

For many divorced couples, circumstances can change after the divorce is final. One or both parents can remarry, jobs and income levels can change, one parent may move, and children or parents may face unexpected difficulties. Your divorce decree may not cover all the eventualities that occur in life among divorced parents. Or possibly, your original decree never created a detailed plan to begin with. Whatever situation you find yourself in, our Minneapolis post-divorce mediation services can help you re-evaluate your current situation and make a plan for the future.  

Post-divorce mediation solutions

Because co-parenting is challenging, we see these and many other issues. Almost always, we can help parents make their situation better.


parenting schedule changes

This can be prompted by a variety of situations, such as when one parent moves, or extra-curricular activities affect the other parent’s time with the children, or one parent’s work schedule changes.


parenting PLan

Often people come to EMI with a custody schedule and holiday schedule, but no detailed parenting plan. Our mediators can help parents address how to handle issues going forward with mutual agreements that can be expressed in the form of a plan. See also parenting mediation.


concerns prompted by children

This can be a situation where the child doesn’t want to go to the other parent’s house, perhaps because that parent is seeing someone or remarries.


parent-to-parent communication difficulties

This is when most conversations become arguments, notifications such as doctor or teacher appointments don’t happen, and communication needs to improve.



As children grow up, their expenses change, calling for either a modification of child support or agreement about sharing in unanticipated expenses. Other times the income of a parent changes.


getting both parents to the table

Are you experiencing challenges in getting your ex to the mediation table? If you need our help getting your co-parent to participate in a mediation session, we can help. Most divorce decrees require mediation prior to returning to court. Our services can include writing a letter or making a call to the other parent on your behalf. A letter from us will document your willingness to try mediation and the letter is often successful in motivating the other parent to participate.


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