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Steve Erickson, JD, Mediator & Trainer

Steve is a licensed attorney who works exclusively as a mediator. Since 1977, he has mediated over 5,000 disputes in his private practice and trained thousands of new mediators in the US, Canada, England and the Netherlands. He received the Bush Leadership Fellowship Award for the study of mediation in 1979 and is a founder and second president of the Academy of Family Mediators. He is well known as a mediation trainer and speaker, and has published numerous articles and books on the subject. He is currently writing a forthcoming book on the Children’s Joint Account Method of sharing costs of the children. In 2007, he and his partner, Marilyn McKnight, were awarded a Certificate of Service from the MN State Bar Association in recognition of their “distinguished service as valued contributors for the development and growth of ADR in Minnesota.” Steve has taught as an adjunct professor at the William Mitchell College of Law and was appointed to the faculty at Augsburg College, where he teaches a course in the Master of Arts in Leadership Program. In May of 2011, he and Marilyn were given the Distinguished Mediator Award by the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation in recognition of “their pioneering and sustained work in establishing the field of divorce mediation and their soulful dedication in helping families” over the last 35 years. In his free time, Steve enjoys fishing, reading, and tinkering with classic cars.